Welcome, and a Message

Mar 22, 2023

So as Chair of Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation, I want to thank you for visiting our website. We are here to help all of the poorest Nepalese children remain in school. Our Foundation was established after the major earthquake of 2015 and we visit those areas devastated by this massive earthquake. As a matter of fact in the 8 educational mission trips to Nepal, over 125 volunteers from around the World have traveled to Nepal to join our efforts. Volunteers come from a variety of professions and a variety of ages, from 12 to 75. We join up in Kathmandu and as the worldly travelers adjust to the climate, the altitude of Kathmandu, the culture of Nepal, and the life and food of Nepal, we take a few days to visit the UNESCO sites in Kathmandu, like Pashupatinath Temple, Monkey Temple, Darbur Square both in Kathmandu and Bhakatapur. Our volunteers embed themselves in the culture as they visit these world heritage sites.

Once everyone has adjusted, we head to the most remote mountainous regions of Nepal, where our guides and interpreters take us to the village schools where we meet local educational leaders and teachers and try to make a difference and improve the educational format. But our most significant influence we leave at these village schools, are the educational supplies we leave to the poor children who cannot afford to go to school and we pay their educational fees in order to allow them to stay in school. We also provide them with a backpack filled with educational supplies, also supply them with personal hygiene supplies. This has been quite impactful as we have sponsored over 2,700 students to date, and we have been there so long, we now have 46 who we are maintaining assistance for them to attend college.

The impacted areas that we have visited include schools around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Kanarki, Gorkha, Nuwakot, Chitwan, Damauli, Nagarkot, Nepalgunj, and several other areas in and around other provinces of Nepal. Want to help? Contact us, donate to our Foundation where we are dedicated to improving the educational opportunities of children in Nepal.

And besides improving the educational opportunities for children, we have also provided thousands upon thousands of masks and bars of soap to the children during the pandemic to help protect the children in their schools. And since Nepal is a country relying on tourism, our Foundation has provided over 6,000 food boxes to families whose livelihood was destroyed by the massive unemployment due to no tourist showing up in Nepal to hike, to trek, to mountain bike, to trek to Base Camp, or to climb mountains, like Mt. Everest. What a tragedy the global pandemic had on all of us, but the effects of COVID-19 had on 3rd world countries, like Nepal as even more devastating, as 70% of Nepali depend on tourism, whether they are trekking, or guiding or local merchants selling their wares, or the mountain farmers growing food for the tourists. It was terribly devastating to their already fragile economy.

So, join us in our Foundation’s mission to improve the educational opportunities for the Nepalese children…..or join us on one of our educational mission trips. Additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or one of our Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation Board of Directors.