How our movement has helped and shaped people's lives

The Tenacity of Nepalese Farmers

Nov 14, 2022

When I traveled to Nepal in June 2018, the first thing I noticed once we were driving out of the bustling city of Kathmandu and into the countryside, were the golden fields of rice. I had never seen rice fields, and this former Iowa farm kid was intrigued. I asked our driver to pull over so I could get a closer look. The fields were all massive and people were harvesting the rice all by hand.

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Member Spotlight: Tylor Johnson

Nov 23, 2020

I attended graduate school at South Dakota State University, which has a large Nepalese student body. They became some of my dearest friends. I have never met a more kind or more compassionate group of people. During my time at South Dakota, I learned a lot about the Nepalese culture.

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