How our movement has helped and shaped people's lives

Welcome, and a Message

Mar 22, 2023

So as Chair of Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation, I want to thank you for visiting our website. We are here to help all of the poorest Nepalese children remain in school. Our Foundation was established after the major earthquake of 2015 and we visit those areas devastated by this massive earthquake. As a matter of fact in the 8 educational mission trips to Nepal, over 125 volunteers from around the World have traveled to Nepal to join our efforts.

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The Tenacity of Nepalese Farmers

Nov 14, 2022

When I traveled to Nepal in June 2018, the first thing I noticed once we were driving out of the bustling city of Kathmandu and into the countryside, were the golden fields of rice. I had never seen rice fields, and this former Iowa farm kid was intrigued. I asked our driver to pull over so I could get a closer look. The fields were all massive and people were harvesting the rice all by hand.

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Member Spotlight: Tylor Johnson

Nov 23, 2020

I attended graduate school at South Dakota State University, which has a large Nepalese student body. They became some of my dearest friends. I have never met a more kind or more compassionate group of people. During my time at South Dakota, I learned a lot about the Nepalese culture.

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